Jason Lauritsen - Crushing talent dogma to free human potential

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The banner across the top of this
website reads “Crushing Talent Dogma
to Free Human Potential.”

If you clicked on this consulting section after reading that, you are already one of my favorite 1% of the population.

If you are considering hiring me to consult in your organization, it only seems fair to provide you with these disclaimers up front:

  • I will challenge you and make you (and your organization) better, if you’ll let me.
  • I am much more interested in helping you find the right questions to ask than an easy answer.
  • I have no love for status quo and will question everything.
  • I will tell you the truth, even if you won’t like me for a while afterwards.
  • I will make you look good, so you need to be prepared for the accolades.

You’ve been warned. If you are still interested, keep reading. You are now in my favorite 0.01% of the population (even if you never hire me, we can probably be great friends).

In 2011, I left the corporate HR world to join forces with my longtime friend and mentor, Cy Wakeman, to start a new company called Bulletproof Talent. Our combined experience allows us to help our clients with practical, reality-based solutions to their HR and Leadership challenges.

Jason Lauritsen