Illinois SHRM, Here I Come – #ILSHRM11

Illinois SHRM, Here I Come – #ILSHRM11 150 150 Jason Lauritsen

Next week, I have the privilege to be speaking as a part of the Illinois state SHRM Conference lineup.  They have put together a pretty interesting and compelling program.  The Illinois HR community is in for quite an experience.  

Talent Anarchy (Joe Gerstandt and I) will be providing one of the three keynote presentations at the conference. We are excited to be bringing our message about the power of relationships and social capital for HR to this progressive conference.  As a part of the conference planning, they asked us to create a short video that they could use to promote our session.  Below is what you get when you ask two talent anarchists for a promotional video.  Enjoy.
I will also be presenting a breakout session called “Power and Politics in the Organization: Understanding the Game.”  I love presenting this session because I get to challenge HR’s notion that politics and power are the seedy underbelly of corporate life and that HR shouldn’t have anything to do with either.  My goal in this presentation is to change minds about these two dynamics to help HR pros understand that politics is a part of how things get done in organizations and that power is really about influence.  Most HR pros really know their stuff when it comes to HR, but yet we don’t have the credibility we need to move the organization.  The missing links can be found by studying power and politics.  I show motivated HR pros how to get in the game.  
I am humbled to be part of the Illinois SHRM Conference this year.  The planning group is taking some risks to make their conference dynamic and engaging.  I look forward to the experience and will do everything I can to help them succeed.  
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