Becoming Less Lame (I hope) – Video Blog Post #1

Becoming Less Lame (I hope) – Video Blog Post #1 150 150 Jason Lauritsen

Lately, I’ve have a lot of signals telling me that I need to figure out how to use video in my work.  First, it was a session by Johnny Campbell and his Social Talent team at #TruLondon talking about creating viral videos.  I’m not sure I will ever create a viral video, but the message was clear–video is huge and very important in the emerging new media landscape.  

I’ve not done much in video yet because I’m not very good at it.  But, then a recent Seth Godin blog post reminded me that the only way to get good at something is to do it, a lot.  So, I’m throwing my hat into the world of video.  My video blogs will be less than 90 seconds in length as I know you don’t have all day.
Here we go.  I welcome any comments or feedback, good or bad.  It will help me learn to suck less at this.  
  • Chris Westfall

    Bravo for you for taking a great step with video! You did a great job on your video, and I love the idea of action overcoming inaction. If you want an idea for your next video, hold off on your name for at least 8 seconds. That's enough time for you to lay out a value proposition, or purpose, for the video. The best videos start with what your viewer is thinking, or what you'd like them to think about. If you follow this step, it will help you to "hook" your audience, right away – and focus on what matters (your story). Hope that helps to jump-start your next video, you really did a good job on this one!

  • Jason Lauritsen

    Thanks Chris for the encouragement and the instruction. That's great feedback. I know that video is an art and I am not artist, at least not yet. Really appreciate you taking the time to respond. I will work with your suggestion on my effort.

  • Jason Lauritsen

    Thanks Geoff. Yeah, I could use some schooling on editing video. This was raw, one-take stuff. I had myself on a 90 second timer to ensure I didn't ramble on, but that also meant I had to do several takes. I will happily take a lesson from the master.

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