Friday is for Freak Flags

Friday is for Freak Flags 150 150 Jason Lauritsen

If you follow this blog, you already know that I am a bit of a sports junkie.  Occasionally, I’ll even watch the ESPN show, The Sports Reporters (which I don’t generally recommend because it’s like watching a debate team competition for sports geeks–unless your are into that sort of thing).

One of the regulars on the show is a guy named Woody Paige, a columnist for the Denver Post.  When Woody is on the sports reporters, he writes quotes on a board that shows in the background behind him as he banters away with the other reporters.  His quotes are often the best part of the show for me.

A few weeks ago, he had a quote written on his board that stuck with me and that I’d like to share with you as you head into the weekend.

“You laugh because I’m different.  I laugh because you’re all the same.”

Right on, Woody.  Right on.

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