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You don’t even have to be a football fan to be aware of the Tim Tebow phenomenon happening in the NFL this year.  I love the story and I love what his success represents.  But, probably not for the same reason a lot of other people do.

While I think it’s great that Tebow seems to be an upstanding citizen and good guy, that’s not why I love the story.  My love for Tebow is because of what his story represents.

  1. Tebow shows the power of leadership.  Tebow’s teammates have consistently said throughout the season that the way he approaches the game makes them believe they can win every game.  Insiders frequently talk about his intangibles as a leader and apparently, there must be something to it.  
  2. Experts hate that Tebow is winning.  Tim Tebow defies the laws of quarterbacking.  He’s not a great pocket passer.  The balls he throws wobble and aren’t the usual tight spiral you’d expect from an NFL quaterback.  But, he wins–despite what all the experts report should happen.  He’s an exception to the rule and he’s revealing that there might be more than one way to play quarterback in the NFL.  I love a non-conformist.  
  3. Pressure reveals excellence.  Tebow was awful in his last three games of the regular season, but they backed into the playoff thanks to other teams losses.  Between last week’s losses and this week’s game, the Bronco’s Executive Vice President of Football Operations and NFL quarterback legend, John Elway, gave Tebow the invitation to trust his talent and to step up to greatness,  saying:

“That’s human nature, especially when you’re young, to become more cautious,” Elway said. “He had a tough week before (the Chiefs game) against Buffalo. The key thing for (Tebow) is to go out, put everything behind him, go through his progressions and pull the trigger.” 

So, I will continue to cheer for Tebow and the Broncos to keep defying conventional wisdom about who “should” win football games.


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