Let’s Manufacture some Workplace Holidays

Let’s Manufacture some Workplace Holidays 150 150 Jason Lauritsen

It’s Valentine’s Day.  Such an interesting tradition that we subject ourselves to every year. It is the one day of the year that probably produces more angst than any other despite the seemingly noble intention of the day.  

I’ve heard Valentine’s Day often referred to as a “Hallmark Holiday” implying that it was created solely so that greeting card producers, jewelry stores and chocolate makers could boost their sales.  I’m not going to debate the value of Valentine’s Day here or go through it’s history.  I’ve never personally found it to be so offensive.  It was a time of creativity when I was a kid (I designed some really amazing valentine’s boxes back in the day) and now it’s a time to pause and remind those closest to you that you love them.  
Any rate, what I found myself wondering about this morning is the possibilities of creating a “Hallmark Holiday” within our workplaces that was all about appreciating the people we work with.  What if, once a year, each manager took the time to find a card and write a little note to each one of his or her employees that simply reminded the employees that they were cared for?  
Now, I realize that on the surface, some of you might say “it’s pathetic if a manager is only telling their employees once a year that they care.”  And, I agree with that.  But, Valentine’s Day isn’t the only time of year that I tell or show my wife that I love her.  It’s just a formal day when I spend a little extra time making sure the message is loud and clear.  I would hope that this holiday would be the same.  
So, what would it hurt to create a holiday where we recognize each other (show our love) in the workplace.  Maybe we could have a series of these holidays.  
  • Teammate Day – We recognize our peers who make the most meaningful impact on our work experience.
  • Validation Day – This is what I outlined above, where supervisors take the time to show each employee that they care. 
  • Leader Day – Sadly, the one day that does exist is “Boss’ Day” which often turns into a “suck up” fest.  This would be much more effective if individuals were encouraged to acknowledge those who inspire them to do more and be more.  
There’s probably a list of other “holidays” we could create.  I think anything we can do to bring more love and caring back into the workplace is a good thing.  Imagine the possibilities.  

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