Leaders Take the First Step

Leaders Take the First Step 150 150 Jason Lauritsen

Being a leader is easier than you think.  If you are in a group that isn’t sure which way to go, by taking the first step in any direction from the group, you become a leader.  Actually, the decision to take that step is when you become a leader.  Taking the step is an outward demonstration of your decision.  By taking a step, you’ve offered the rest of the group an option.  Stay where they are or follow the one person who seems to be headed somewhere.  Most will follow.

It’s so simple.  Make the decision to take that step.  Then, take the step.  And suddenly, you are a leader.  Now, that doesn’t mean that people will always follow or that the step you take will always be the right one.  But, that’s where it all starts.

Everyday, you have the opportunity to take a step:

  • Speak up in the meeting when no one else will
  • Offer up an opinion that is different from the group
  • Volunteer for a project or effort before it’s trendy to do so
  • Send you boss an idea for how to solve a problem with the team
  • Reach out and offer help to a peer who’s struggling or falling behind at work
  • Be the first to take responsibility when something goes awry
  • Extend an apology to the person at work who you are at odds with

Leaders decide to take the first step and then they do it.  Be a leader.  You can get started today.  Take that step.

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