Transformation of Human Resources – Rule 1

Transformation of Human Resources – Rule 1 150 150 Jason Lauritsen

If you want transform human resources within your company as an HR leader, here’s a really powerful tool for you to use that can have major impact overnight.

For everything you do, ask this question:

How does this {process, procedure, action, initiative, project, policy} help the organization achieve its business objectives? 

If you can’t answer this in a clear way that is measureable and where there is evidence that your answer is true, stop doing it.  If you can’t come to this answer quickly, then you probably shouldn’t have been doing it in the first place.

When your executives ask why you’ve stopped doing this thing (whatever it is), explain to them that you did some analysis that revealed that you weren’t certain that it was positively impacting business results, so you stopped in order to put those resources towards something that does.  Your reputation and credibility will change in that moment.  And, you’ll start seeing better results.

Kill the busy work and get focused on what matters.  That’s what this question will help you achieve.

  • broc.edwards

    Now wait a minute. To do what you say I’d have to understand the business objectives (maybe even how the business works), be able to distinguish priorities and opportunity costs for all my activities, understand the needs and challenges of my internal customers, and be able to justify activity beyond tradition and status quo! You’d almost think that people have something to do with business results!

    Kidding aside, this is a great post and a fantastic reminder to continually hold my activities under the harsh light of Results and adjust them as business needs adjust.

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