Practicing what I Preach – Feedback Please

Practicing what I Preach – Feedback Please 150 150 Jason Lauritsen

For the past week, Joe and I have been having a discussion on the Talent Anarchy blog that was prompted by a post written by Ted Coine that you can (and should) read here.  The conversation has revolved around the merits of collecting feedback on your job performance continually through a link at the bottom of your email and sharing that feedback transparently in real time.  We loved the idea (although we disagree about execution), particularly for leaders within an organization.

Somewhere within our discussion, the folks over at dropped a comment on the discussion to let us know that they have a product that is available FOR FREE over at  I had to check out their product.  And, it turns out, it looks pretty cool.  And, it does pretty much what we had been discussion in our blog series.

So, it occurred to me that if I think this is such a good idea and would recommend it for others, than I should probably put it to use in my own work.  And, because I think it’s a really cool idea, I’m going to volunteer myself as a guinnea pig for all of you to see how this works (I’m a bit curious myself).

If you are interested in this idea or want to see how a tool like this might work, you can explore it by giving me some feedback on my writing, speaking or consulting–however you have experienced my work.

You can give me feedback by clicking here.  As people begin to provide me with feedback, you will be able to view the public results at

I have added the link requesting feedback to my email signature as well and am looking forward to how it goes.  I am hoping to get some feedback both for my own development but also so that I can see how this tool works.  So, if you are curious and have a minute, please click through and give me some quick feedback.

And, let me know in the comments what you think of the tool.  My initial impression is positive.

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