One Important Question for Leaders

One Important Question for Leaders 150 150 Jason Lauritsen

Can you do for others that which you have not done for yourself?

This is a critical question when we think about the health of our organizations and cultures.

As a leader or manager:

  • if you aren’t living up to your own potential and working in a job that is deeply satisfying to you, can you credibly help others to do it?
  • if you aren’t invested in your own development, can you convince others that they should be?
  • if you aren’t living your values, can you expect others to align to any values?
  • if you don’t embrace difference and diversity, can you open other’s minds to the value of difference?
  • if you won’t speak truth to power, can you expect those you lead to tell you the truth?
  • if you don’t hold yourself accountable, can you hold others accountable and be taken seriously?

As a leader, if you aren’t getting the result you expect from your people, look in the mirror and start there.

It’s that simple.

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  • Hampton Hopkins

    I have always subscribed to the belief that one must first be willing to do something before expecting others to do it. This is especially true in leadership. It is the basis of the adage, managers do things right, leaders do the right things. Thanks for the blog.

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