Public Service Announcement: Don’t be a Jerk Today

Public Service Announcement: Don’t be a Jerk Today 150 150 Jason Lauritsen

It’s Halloween.

Most kids love the holiday (I know mine do).

Some adults love it too. They crave the opportunity to dress up, to express their creativity and maybe be a little silly.

But, some adults also hate it. The thought of dressing up makes them nauseous.  They’d prefer to stay at home today.

Because there are strong feelings on both sides about costumes, it can be easy to act like a jerk today.  This your reminder to check yourself.

It will be tempting today to judge and mock the person who is not in your camp.  If you go all out on your costume, it will be easy to give the person without a costume a hard time for not dressing up.  “Fun hater” you might say. Accept the fact that costumes don’t do anything for them.  Be glad that you have the opportunity to dress up.

And, if you are in the “costumes are stupid” camp, try to keep your judgement to yourself and limit the passive aggressive critical side conversations about the people in the office who took their costume very seriously. They are really enjoying themselves at no harm to you.

Today is a celebration of difference and expression.  And, it’s okay to be in either camp (or somewhere in the middle).

So enjoy the day. And don’t be a jerk.

Happy Halloween!

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