Talking about Gender at Work

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I’ve been thinking a lot about gender equity in the workplace lately. I’m sure many of you have been as well. There is so much work we need to do.

This is an issue that I’ve been called to for some time but have struggled to find my voice in the conversation as a privileged white man. But recently, a number of things have helped me get unstuck in hopes of finding some small way to nudge us in the direction of progress.

One thing that seems clear to me is that we need more conversation between people with different experiences as a way to deepen our empathy and find solutions. So, that’s what I tried to do with this month’s Employee Engagement Webcast. I was joined by my friend and colleague, Heather Bussing, for what I hope you will find an interesting conversation about gender and work. We hope it inspires you to have more conversations like this in your world as well.  Below is a link to the video.

If you are compelled to engage on a deeper level with this issue or, like me, are motivated to reduce your ignorance, below is a list of resources you might find interesting.

Some things Heather has Written

Sexual Harassment: Boys and Thrones 

Women and Tech – The Pace of Change

Diversity: Why Laws Don’t Fix Discrimination

Why Sexual Harassment Is A Culture Issue

How to Identify Sexual Harassment in Your Organization

Other Informative and Thought-Provoking Writing/Video

The #MeToo Conversation Erases Trans People

Understanding Gender

A Gentlemen’s Guide to Rape Culture

Men gather round: This NFL player turned feminist will teach you how to fight sexism

Ted Talk: Roxane Gay – Confessions of a Bad Feminist

Ted Talk: Jackson Katz – Violence against women — it’s a men’s issue

Other Helpful Resources

Talking About Issues Like #MeToo At Work Is Hard. Here Are 5 Ways to Make It Easier

How to Talk about Sexual Harassment with your Coworkers

Feminist Websites, Blogs, and Resources collected by Standford University. 

Intersectional Resources – reading list for a course on exploring intersectionality (with emphasis on issues Afro-feminism)

Gender inequalities in the workplace: the effects of organizational structures, processes, practices, and decision makers’ sexism by Cailin S. Stamarski and Leanne S. Son Hing  – Academic data and analysis of how our organizational structure and HR contributes to gender bias.

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