Words of Gratitude (#17) for Steve Boese

Words of Gratitude (#17) for Steve Boese 1080 1080 Jason Lauritsen

Note: I’m writing a note of gratitude on the blog each day in November leading up to the Thanksgiving holiday. My hope is that these posts will inspire you to do the same. Write an email, Facebook post, or a text to tell people they have made an impact on you. Gratitude is contagious. 

Sometimes when you reflect on the past, you notice people who come through for you. They offer support. They provide resources. They show up when you need them.

One of those people in my career is Steve Boese.

Steve and I originally met at the HRevolution event I mentioned in my post to Trish McFarlane. Steve was one of the organizers with Trish.  He’s a prolific blogger and a co-host of the biggest podcast in the HR space (with Trish McFarlane), HR Happy Hour.  Steve is also the chair of the HR Technology Conference.

When I left Quantum Workplace a little over two years ago, I didn’t realize how important the HR Tech community would become in my career. A lot of my most interesting work today is being done with my clients in the HR Tech space.

A few years ago, Steve asked me and my partner-in-crime Joe Gerstandt to help create a more interactive hackathon experience at HR Tech. This work led to being more visible and engaged in the event and, by extension, the industry. My work at HR Tech each year has become incredibly important to my business and Steve is one of the people who opened that door for me.

Steve (and Trish) have also been incredibly generous with me through the HR Happy Hour Show and platform. They helped me launch a podcast and recently, allowed me to spread the word about my new book.

The support I’ve been given by Steve is invaluable. And I’m incredibly grateful for it.

And, as a bonus, Steve is a really good guy who I am thankful to call a friend. Any time we have the opportunity to hang out will be filled with great conversation and a lot of laughs.

Steve, I’m grateful for you. Thank you for your friendship and support, it’s made a huge difference for me. I appreciate all that you do.  

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