#HRevolution Effect
#HRevolution Effect 150 150 Jason Lauritsen

So, the parade of HRevolution posts continues.  If you didn’t attend, go next time.  If you did, this post is largely for you as I think you may relate to my experience.

I was invited to participate in this unique event originally due to my Talent Anarchy work.  TA is my alter-ego life where I get paid to speak about how companies and people are screwing up talent and what they should be doing differently.  So, I came to the conference ready to play that role to the best of my ability.  
However, the larger part of my professional life is spent as a VP of HR for an 800 employee bank.  As the conversations unfolded throughout HRevolution, I found myself viewing the conversation more specifically from this formal HR perspective as it seemed that this kind of perspective was in shorter supply.  
This event has impacted me in a number of ways.  The major impact is that it stoked an already burning fire within me to take up the fight to help bring credibility and swagger to the profession of human resources.  We have a confidence problem in HR that’s paired up a lack of ability in some very important areas.  HRevolution reinforced for me that I have both the opportunity and the responsibility to be a part of the solution.  And intent without action is pointless, so I’ve committed to making some things happen on my end.  

As of today, Sunday, May 16, 2010, not only has HRevolution inspired many, many posts to be written.  It has inspired at least one more blog to be created . . . this one.  Whether that is a good thing or bad thing remains to be seen, time will judge that one.  I plan to share what I think is my somewhat unique perspective on HR for the purposes of helping others move forward in their HR careers.  For those of you who spent the weekend with me at HRevolution in Chicago, my blog won’t be aimed at you because you already get it.  My hope is to use this platform to share information from my HR leadership experience with others in HR who it might help.  I also intend to use this vehicle to connect those folks to the blogs being produced by all of you who are so much more eloquent and brilliant than I am.  We’ll see you this goes.  I don’t have anything to sell here, so my intentions is simply to create and share content that will help others.  
My other resolution, post HRevolution, is to find a way to bring this kind of conference/dialogue to my home turf.  It is crystal clear to me that if there is to be an evolution or rather a revolution in HR, we have to bring the movement to the people doing the work.  HR won’t change until those who sit in the chair and do the work on a day to day basis sign up for change.  I will lead the charge in Nebraska and I hope that others will do the same elsewhere.  I hope that the national HRevolution events continue because we need to keep the community of revolutionaries connected and supporting each other.  The battle at home will be much tougher to fight, but fight we must to create a new future for our field.  Change will happen one conversation and one person at a time.  
Thank you again to the planning committee and visionaries who made HRevolution a reality.  You have truly made a difference.  
Jason Lauritsen