Stuff I Liked this Week – Vol 1
Stuff I Liked this Week – Vol 1 150 150 Jason Lauritsen

Since there are roughly four bazillion blogs and online news sources out there, it can be pretty overwhelming to figure out what to read.  I am constantly refining what I read and I try to do it often as I can.  However, no matter how much I try to read, I am always finding great new stuff based on the recommendations of others via blogs and twitter.

There are a lot of topics out there.  And there are a lot of smart folks out there writing about those topics.  So, rather than try to address every topic myself, I’d rather point you towards blogs and people with points of view that I respect and find compelling.

So, for both of these reasons, I’m going to try to create a post about once per week where I share with you the things I read in the past week that I found most intriguing.  My hope is that this will help you find some great content and save a little time.

This week’s hit list:

Jason Seiden – Throw Away Your Metrics—You Don’t Know What You’re Doing

Free Range Communication – is your employees’ health their own private matter?

The HR Capitalist – Job Description Syndrome and the Case for Fewer Goals.

Altitude Branding – 5 Tactics for Civil Disagreement – Twitter: Media Or (Un)Social Network?

Have a great week!

Jason Lauritsen