Give them a keynote that is engaging, inspiring, and actionable.

Keynotes fail in two ways.

Either they are all fluff and no substance, or they put you to sleep.


My keynotes are designed to be thought-provoking and entertaining. I will leave you thinking differently and equipped to take action.

Jason Lauritsen - Keynote Speaker

A great speaker captivates your audience and makes your life easier.

Those are my goals.

“Amazing presentation. Adding in the practical bits to idealism was fantastic. Thank you for the ideas.”

Maura Horn
VP Talent Management
CoorsTek, Inc.

“Jason Lauritsen is a dynamic speaker and employee engagement expert that will grab your audience and spark them to think about engagement in a new way. Jason had our attendees attention from the moment he took the stage and his presentation style kept them engaged.  Social media was jumping during his session tweeting the insights they were learning from Jason and wrote they loved his presentation. I highly recommend Jason for any setting where valuable insights on employee engagement linked to high performance would resonate.”

Julie Doyle
2018 Ohio HR Conference Chair

“Your presentation yesterday is already creating conversation and challenging how to address issues.  That is immediate impact!   Thank you for your unfailing commitment to work with us and ensure the session was a success.”

Erin Hand
VP Talent & Development
Consolidated Container Company

If you’d like to explore if I’m the right speaker for you, let’s talk.

We’ll figure out if I’m available and whether I’m a good fit for your event and goals.