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Give your audience an experience that leaves them inspired and ready to take action.


Give your audience an experience that leaves them inspired and ready to take action.

A great virtual presentation is both engaging and intimate.

“If you’re seeking a speaker who has found the secret to creating a true connection through a computer screen, engages in riveting presentations, and maintains a personable, approachable demeanor, then Jason is your guy.”

Carsen Zarin Groberg
Inbound Marketing Sr. ManagerLimeade

“Consistent 5-star feedback ratings and high praise from viewers don’t begin to paint the complete picture of Jason’s ability to connect virtually with audiences on nearly any subject. Having worked with him on more than 30 Webcasts and Online Events, I continue to marvel at how he makes viewer engagement seem so easy.”

Jody Ordioni

“I’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with Jason on several programs for our customers. Whether a large main-stage session, a hands-on workshop, a webinar or a virtual hacklab, he applies the same energy, creativity and passion to his work and to his partnership with us. He consistently engages his audience on any topic he explores, while providing really practical ways to put new ideas into practice.”

Connie Costigan
VP Customer ExperienceCornerstone OnDemand

Virtual Presentation Topics for Today’s Issues

Leading Your Team to Wellbeing

Leaders have confronted many new challenges throughout the pandemic. Among them, one rose to the top—employee wellbeing. Seemingly overnight, the “workplace” became less safe. Many were forced to work from home where the realities of social isolation, juggling school from home, and the loss of routine and structure began to interfere with the ability to perform.

It became clear quickly that if employees are unwell and struggling with life, they can’t bring their best to work. Wellbeing has become a leadership imperative. In this timely and engaging keynote, employee engagement expert Jason Lauritsen will reveal why employee wellbeing is a vital ingredient to both engagement and performance, and the actions leaders must take to support the wellbeing of their people.

What you will learn:

  • A model of employee wellbeing and how it drives engagement and performance
  • How leaders can support wellbeing by helping employees feel safe, connected, cared for, and whole at work
  • Specific steps a leader must take to ensure their teams can perform successfully today and in the uncertain future

Engaging Employees in a Disrupted World of Work: A Leader’s Playbook

While COVID has left little in our lives untouched, few things have been as impacted as profoundly as work. Where, when, and how work gets done looks very different today than it did in early 2020. Given this tremendous disruption, how can leaders ensure their people stay engaged and productive? What needs to be done differently in this new reality?

While much has changed, one key factor hasn’t. In this timely and important keynote, you will discover that the key to engagement, even during a crisis, is to remember that work is a relationship for the employee. Research has shown that employees crave the same things from work that they do from other meaningful relationships in their lives: appreciation, acceptance, communication, commitment, and support. You will learn how to improve employee engagement and performance by creating work experiences that feel like a healthy relationship, whether they work at home, in the office, or on the front lines.

What you will learn:

  • Employee engagement is about creating a great work relationship that feels healthy and positive
  • Six ingredients of a healthy relationship and how to apply them as a leader
  • Tactics and recommendations for how to foster a better work relationship for employees regardless of where or how they do their work

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