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I offer a variety of products to help improve employee engagement. Read below to find what’s best for your organization.

Employee Engagement Coach

You bought into the promise of employee engagement as a driver of higher performance. Then you invested time and money to make it happen. But despite your efforts, performance hasn’t improved and employees keep leaving.

Don’t give up. Chances are that you just need a little help to focus your efforts.

Employee Engagement Coach Details

The Engagement Coach program exists to help leaders and HR teams who strive to deliver on the promise of employee engagement for their organization. Together, we will make it happen.

You will gain a coach and partner in Jason Lauritsen to help you clarify what to do and how to do it. But, the best plan is worthless without execution, so he will also help to hold you accountable to making progress throughout the year.

You will have ready access to Jason’s extensive knowledge and proven experience in helping leaders create engaging work experiences that produce results.

How it Works
This twelve-month coaching partnership includes the the following:

  • Onsite Employee Engagement Strategy Workshop (4-6 hours).
  • Monthly Coaching Call(s) – Up to 2 hours per month. Purpose is to review progress, provide advice, and provide resources.
  • Unlimited email support for urgent questions related to your employee engagement efforts.
  • One Closing Progress Review and Call at the end of the twelve months. This will create an overview of what worked, what didn’t, and what to do next.
Employee Engagement Coach FAQ

Do you have to do an employee survey to work on engagement?
Not necessarily. Surveys are great tools for diagnosing and measuring engagement. That said, you don’t need to survey to do the work of creating a more engaging workplace.

Beyond a survey, what else might be part of our engagement strategy?
Employee engagement is fundamentally about creating a work experience that employees can feel both mentally and emotionally connected to. Based on what we know to be the key drivers of engagement, most strategies include plans to improve communication, appreciation and recognition, performance feedback processes, and the manager/employee relationship.

Leadership Training

Driving Performance Through Employee Engagement

Content Outline:

1: What is Employee Engagement?
Through individual exercises and group discussion, participants will explore what employee engagement looks and feels like in the workplace and how it impacts our work and lives. This exploration will move the idea of engagement from the realm of concept into a tangible connection with behaviors and results.

2: Defining Employee Engagement
To drive employee engagement requires a clear understanding of what it is and how it works. In this section, participants will come to understand engagement as a set of outcomes we work to earn from our employees. Then, the focus will turn to understanding the five dimension of employee engagement and the role that management and leadership plays in each.

3: Lessons from Best Places to Work
Based on insights drawn from analyzing employee data collected at thousands of organizations through Best Places to Work programs, myths and best practices about what employees look for in a best place to work will be shared and discussed.

4: Engagement Builders & Killers
At this point, the workshop turns to a very practical, “how to” focus. Participants will discover three powerful engagement builders and two toxic engagement killers. These concepts will be shared, explored and practiced through individual and small group exercises.

5: Action Planning
To close the workshop, each participant will spend time reflecting on the content of the workshop in order to make specific commitments. These commitments will reflect how the leader will take immediate action to increase engagement with those they lead. The plans will then be shared and discussed with peers for feedback and support.

Jumpstarting Employee Engagement for Executive Teams

To create an engaged culture requires engaged leaders. This facilitated conversation is designed to help senior leadership teams gain clarity and alignment on what employee engagement means at your organization, why it matters, where your greatest gaps lie, and what their role is in making progress.

Length: 2 hours
Location: Onsite

Employee Engagement Strategy Workshop

Plan your work, then work your plan. Too many engagement efforts are reactive and haphazard. As a result, they rarely achieve the desired result. This workshop will start by helping your leadership and/or HR team to clarify your goals, intentions, and measures of success. With these commitments made, we will together craft a plan to focus investment and efforts towards highest impact. We will identify the people, process and technology efforts that will be most important to achieving success.

Length: 4-8 hours
Location: Onsite

Managing for Engagement Webinar-style Training Series

Most managers would like to improve their team’s engagement, they just aren’t sure how. This series of 30-minute live training webinars will equip your managers with the most potent mindsets and skills for engaging their teams to higher performance. Topics can include communication, continuous feedback, and one-on-one meetings. The webinar curriculum will be adapted to your specific needs.

Webinar Frequency: Quarterly (recommended)
Webinar Length (each): 30 minutes
Total # of webinars: 4
Can you record the webinars: Yes

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