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Throughout my life, I’ve always seen things a little differently.

Even when I was in grade school, I recognized processes that were broken. But, rather than complain about them, my instinct was to find or create a better way. I never outgrew this. Today, I use these skills to help others see beyond outdated approaches to talent and leadership development to discover a better way.

I love to speak to and facilitate groups. I am genetically hardwired to perform in front of people. When someone puts their faith in me and hires me to speak for their group, I do everything in my power to make them look like a genius for doing so. I work very hard to ensure that my audiences both learn from and enjoy my presentations.

In addition to my work as a speaker, I have the privilege of serving as the Director of Client Success for Quantum Workplace, where I lead a team dedicated to helping organizations make work better for employees every day. I also lead the research team behind Quantum’s Best Places to Work programs that collect survey responses from employees at more than 6,000 companies each year to identify, celebrate, and promote some of the best workplaces in the world.

Some may also recognize me as the tall, dancing half of Talent Anarchy and co-author of the book, Social Gravity: Harnessing the Natural Laws of Relationships.

Jason Lauritsen

Jason Lauritsen