Hi, I'm Jason.

I grew up on a farm in Iowa, watching my father do business on a handshake. 

I remember his word and his integrity were everything. So much so, that when his boss tried to make him go back on a commitment to a customer, he instead drove 150 miles in a snowstorm to tell him, “I quit.”

That experience is burned into my brain. I remember thinking, “Wow, work can sure be messed up.” 

Later in life, I had a bunch of my own experiences—including a stint as a headhunter, where my job was to place people inside companies ripe with dysfunction.

That just felt so wrong to me. I knew there had to be another way.


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One thing became clear to me:


I wanted to be a part of the solution, but I didn’t yet know how…

As a corporate executive, I felt like I was getting a lot closer to figuring things out—and then, we did it.

In one organization, we managed to create a workplace that not only worked for the people, but also

doubled company revenue per employee in only three years.

Jason Lauritsen working on computer to solve employee satisfaction and engagement

But I didn’t see the full picture until I began working at the company responsible for Best Places to Work contests across North America.

While I was there, I led all kinds of research on the 500,000 employee survey responses we collected every year from thousands of companies who aspired to be a Best Place to Work.

Year after year, the most significant statistical drivers of employee satisfaction and engagement were the same:




cared for

Then, one day, it hit me:


This means that to fix work, employees need it to feel like any other healthy relationship in their life.

That realization ignited a fire inside me.

It was the thread I needed that tied all of my research and writing and speaking for the past almost-20 years into something tangible. It even took me all the way back to the first book I ever wrote, Social Gravity, a book all about relationships (turns out, the truth was staring me in the face the entire time).

My epiphany moment also led to my work today with people-first organizations. My keynotes. The trainings I deliver. The retreats I lead. And it led me to develop The Check-In Method™, a way of equipping leaders to unlock performance by having real conversations that matter with the people that matter (I’ve learned that this is, hands down, the most critical relationship skill a leader can master).

Finally, it led me to realize how important it is that we shift the way we see work if we want to keep our best people.

The Check-In Method by Jason Lauritsen

Because the simple truth of the matter is:

We need to

Lead with Relationship

When we lead with relationship, we don’t just work better; we lead better lives.

Jason's family portrait
One of the best things about putting relationships first at your job is that you learn to prioritize them at home, too.

For me, that starts with my wife and kids and being the best husband and father I possibly can be.

I believe I’ve been put on this earth to change the world by changing the way we work.

That simply wouldn’t be possible without the support and love of this crew. They’ve taught me life’s biggest lessons and given me the grace I need to put what I learn into action with them.

I’m so grateful for them, for being here on this journey with me — and I’m grateful that you’re here, too.

I can’t wait to show you how your life and work can be different the moment you choose to

Lead with Relationship

How can Jason help you harness the power of relationships

to unleash the potential of your people?

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