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Practical advice and guidance for improving management practices to cultivate employee engagement, retention, and performance.
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About Me

Far too many people are suffering through bad experiences at work. I was one of them. It takes a huge toll on our performance and our quality of life. But after years of frustration, I discovered that it didn’t have to be this way.

So, I dedicated my career to doing something about it.

Over the past twenty years, I’ve experimented with management and leadership from a variety of perspectives. I’ve been both a start-up CEO and F1000 corporate executive. I’ve led small and large teams. And, I’ve spent well over a decade studying and researching these challenges to offer effective management solutions.

Whether I’m speaking, training, writing or consulting, my goal is always the same: To help managers and leaders think differently about work so they can take action to make it better. I use stories of my life experience as an entrepreneur, executive, spouse, father, and human being to make the message relatable and entertaining.

As Seen In

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Jason Lauritsen - Book - Unlocking High Performance

Unlocking High Performance

I wrote this book to offer the mindsets, case studies, and guidance needed to transform how you manage work. Unlocking High Performance illuminates how to create a work experience that feels great to employees while also supporting them in performing up to their potential. This book was written for those who know work isn’t working and are ready to do something about it.

“In Unlocking High Performance, Jason Lauritsen greets us with a hopeful, affirming message: work can be much better – more challenging and more fulfilling – if we do things a bit differently. He shows how common practices like annual performance appraisals may be holding you back – and how you can improve employee engagement and bring excitement and productivity back to the workplace.”

Daniel H. Pink, author of When and Drive

“When it is all on the line, relationships are what save the day.   Those relationships have to survive extant culture, inevitable change, and rapid evolution of the environment, and Jason understands that investment in today’s leaders are tomorrow’s relationships. Investing in Jason was an investment in not only my leaders, but in those relationships that will follow.”

Jeremiah W. Baldwin, Colonel, USAF
Commander, National Airborne Operations Center and
595th Command and Control Group
Leadership Training Client

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