Jason Lauritsen

Inspire Your Audience. Empower Your Managers. Engage Your Employees.

Work is a relationship,
not a contract.

We need to start treating it that way.

To engage employees, we need to make work feel
like a healthy relationship.

I can help.

Jason Lauritsen - Book - Unlocking High Performance
Inspire Your Audience. Empower Your Managers. Engage Your Employees.

The way we manage work isn’t working.


It doesn’t have to be this way.

How it

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About Jason

Jason is keynote speaker, author, and employee engagement expert who has dedicated his life to helping leaders create more human-friendly workplaces. His diverse background as a human resources executive, entrepreneur, and Best Places to Work researcher have equipped him with a powerful and unique perspective on work. He is a human catalyst who will challenge you to think differently.

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“When it is all on the line, relationships are what save the day.   Those relationships have to survive extant culture, inevitable change, and rapid evolution of the environment, and Jason understands that investment in today’s leaders are tomorrow’s relationships. Investing in Jason was an investment in not only my leaders, but in those relationships that will follow.”

Jeremiah W. Baldwin, Colonel, USAF
Commander, National Airborne Operations Center and
595th Command and Control Group


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